Hello world

This is the english version of a development blog for the space exploration roguelike game “Aurora RL”.

For a long time, I waited for a game like this to appear on its own, but that never happened, so I had to take matters into my own hands and start making it myself. It all started with a yellow sphere moving against a black background, and now the project is over 2 years old, five people work on it regularly (the programmer, the artist, the musicial, the writer and the editor), almost all of the main features are implemented, and the game is being filled with content and translated into english.

There are links to download the current version of the game in the menu above.

So, what was it that I wanted from a game like this that the developers of already existing projects couldn’t give me (and the space roguelike genre has been gaining popularity lately, there are several projects being actively developed right now)? Well, this is what:

1) Open world exploration, and the world had to be unknown; the player had to be a kind of a pioneering explorer.

2) The game is a story-driven sandbox. Something like Star Control 2 (which was my inspiration in a lot of things, and which I will mention a lot): there is an overarching narrative, as well as a time limit, but you can do whatever you like within said limit.

3) The most important thing is having a world that is alive. A lot of roguelikes are too dry in this respect. There are no characters, no story, the world only reacts to the player’s actions via cold numbers. No one will congratulate you for successfully researching something or getting away from angry aliens.

All in all, the game of my dreams is something like the aforementioned Star Control 2 and, in a way, its descendants like Space Rangers. Unfortunately, the genre of story-driven space adventure has been undeservedly forgotten. This is where the advantage of being a programmer comes into play: if you don’t have the program you need, you write it yourself.

In the next posts I will describe the things that are in the game already, the overall progress of development, and what will be implemented in the near future.


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