The Universe is endless and populated by a plethora of diverse creatures. The player will have to come in contact with many of them. Most of the time, they will belong to one of the developed deep space species, which are listed below.

The average Bork is very strong and very dumb. This isn’t an insult, this is a statement of fact: due to several reasons most Borks are born with very limited mental capacity, but some of them get lucky. They are the ones who make the society work. Despite the stereotypes, a regular Bork with a ship isn’t very dangerous since he doesn’t really know how to lead. Now, a mob of them… that’s trouble.



The Klisks are sticky and slimy, they like to trade and to chew the fat. They live according to the so-called Code of Commerce, and they base absolutely all of their relationships off of long logical chains of profitability. Communicating with them isn’t that hard, but it’s important to understand that a Klisk always thinks about his profits first and about abstract matters later. Of course, if they have a lot of assets, they have to protect them somehow. Although one cannot really call the Klisks dangerous enemies to have.



The Rogues love space, and that’s all there is to it. Living on their giant mothership, these humanoids have an odd perception of the world. Their worldview is completely based on religion, which the player may or may not come to understand. The Rogues are the kind of creature who are good at war, but don’t like doing it. But don’t get fooled by their peaceful demeanor.


They are probably the closest to humans in terms of their worldview. The fact that their political system is an empire, and several other factors, affect the Zorsan from birth. As a result, the average Zorsan has an infinite supply of pride and ego. It would have been okay if a decently armed ship didn’t come with it most of the time: the Zorsan are one of the most technologically advanced deep space species.


Little is known about them. Everyone swears they’ve seen them, but never more than once in their entire life. Their technology, culture, and even appearance are unknown to almost everyone except maybe the Klisks, who have won the fame of being world-class diplomats. However, even these lovers of profit in all its forms prefer not to talk about the Gardeners too much. The only people more mysterious than the Gardeners are probably the Builders. While very little is known about the Gardeners, absolutely nothing is known for sure about the Builders: there are only rumors and fairy tales.

Of course, that’s not a whole lot of species, but the Universe is endless and full of habitable planets. An observant player will find new acquaintances and new problems anywhere. And new profits. And most importantly, new adventures.


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