How can you help the project?

We’ve been asked this same question lots of times: “how can we help the project?”

At this point, we are not seeking for any new employees – all necessary positions in our team is covered. But, you actually CAN help us:

1) You can join our VK community ( is a russian social network, a facebook clone, and russian language is used for discussion there)

2) Tell us your opinion about the different aspects of the game. We can’t actually do EVERYTHING we’ve been asked (because then our game will be hybrid of Dwarf Fortress, Mass Effect, Fallout and Arcanoid, and it will take AGES to complete), but we are still not sure, how we going to treat certain features, so your opinion may help us make a decision.

3) PR! That’s what we need more than anything – more attention makes more players. Tell about this game everywhere you can, if there is an audience for it (forums, etc.), write a review, or shoot a video about our game. Or just make a re-post in social network – everything helps

4) And, finally, financial help. Surely, we are defiantly will make a crowd-funding campaign of some sort sooner or later, but now, you can donate us some money. Every cent donated will help us make progress in development. Right now, game is developed in our spare time, and all costs are covered by our lead-programmer personal savings.
You can donate by using PayPal –


 If our game got you interested (and we are really hope that’s true), you can spare a few minutes to help us. Your help is what drives this game to its release.


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