Development report

We had a pleasant surprise this weekend: one of popular russian youtube streamers has created a letsplay video for our game (link below, it is in russian) and we had a great increase in number of players… and number of bugs and complaints!

So now we are actively preparing the 0.4.2 release that will fix major bugs and will also have some improvements requested by our community.

What new things will we have?

1) Environmental dangers on planets.

Forget about wandering the unhabited planets freely. Falling meteors, tornados and acid rains will make collecting resources more challenging.


2) More private messages. We have developed a couple of characters that will communicate the player by emails that can be read upon returning to Earth. A boy who dreams of becoming an astronaut, mother of a team member killed on a landing, a rich collector interested in buying artifacts from space – each will have its own story and probably will open some new quests.

3) New artifacts that can be found across the galaxy. The chance to find them is small but the outcome will be large.

Probably we will add some features requested by the community:

1) Changing the key layout

2) Dynamically changing the game language (as some players have problems with default language setting)

Please write in the comments if you have any other ideas.

And a video I promised at the beginning of the post:


4 thoughts on “Development report

  1. Posted a bug report in the bitbucket issues section, thought I’d repeat it here – the English version of the game won’t save. Sadface 😦 I’m using windows XP, I’ve got the files uploaded in the bug report (the only one in English, so far as I could see, so it should be easy to find). Hopeful you can tell me if this can be fixed, so I can play.


  2. I am American and I really enjoy this game a lot! It is one of the best roguelikes/sandboxes I have ever played. Even in it’s alpha phase, I find myself cruising the galaxy, searching every planet one by one. It really pulls me in. It is much better than any native US or EU roguelike that I have played before. This game really is a gem. I will be sharing with my friends over here in the USA.


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