How to Report Bugs Properly

Here is a short instruction on how to report bugs in the game if you want to really make the developers’ liveseasier by helping them correct them.


First of all, the best way to report bugs is through the bugtracker. You can find it here:

The bugtrackter is a convenient tool of organizing the process of correcting bugs. You can create descriptions ofbugs, attach the necessary files, assign them to team members, and track the progress of their correction. As of right now, anyone can create bug reports, you don’t even have to sign up.

Secondly, bugs have to be properly described. The most difficult part of fighting them is usually not the correction itself, but reproducing the problem. The developer needs to be able to reproduce the error, see it for himself to find out what the reason is, and then make sure that it’s not there anymore after he’s corrected the problem.

What is a correct description and what should it consist of?

First, the description itself. What happened? Did the game crash? Did it start displaying gibberish instead of text?

Did it stop reacting to your commands? Remember: “GAME DOSENT WORK” is a bad description of the problem.

Secondly, the steps that led to the problem, the last actions performed in the game. For example, “when I loaded the game after landing on a planet and taking one step, the game crashed.”


Thirdly, you should attach all the extra files that could prove useful in reproducing the bug. You should at least attach the Aurora.log file, which is located in the game folder. You should attach it regardless of what kind of bug it is. Everything else is up to you. If the game looks wrong, you should attach a screenshot (or even record a video). If the game doesn’t behave right (for example, a dialogue tree gives you the wrong answer choices), it would be a good idea to attach the save file that the developer can load and instantly reproduce the problem.

As a result, working with bugs with correct descriptions becomes a walk in the park, errors get corrected much faster, and the final product becomes even better thanks to the developers and the players working together.


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