AuroraRL : A space roguelike full of adventure, wonder and peril

The shuttle craft rocks and rumbles, jostling the crew within as it makes its descent. The captain has assured the landing party that organic readings were limited, but trigger fingers are still itchy.

This planet has an abundance of resources that are desperately needed back on Earth; if the expedition comes back empty handed, humanity will never make it. The stakes are high, and the danger is unknown.

The shuttle comes to an abrupt stop. The landing is complete.

As the crew prepares to exit, a brain-rattling roar erupts from nearby. Their deepest fears have been realized…

This is just one of the many stories that can pop up in AuroraRL, a rogue-like strategic space exploration game that brings out shades of Tales of Maj’Eyal and FTL. It features a massive galaxy to traverse along a variety of unique obstacles to overcome. Fighting hostile lifeforms, avoiding deadly meteor showers and making contact with strange alien cultures is just a taste of what AuroraRL offers, as the developers also plan to include a global plot that won’t hinder the sandbox experience.

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