Development Report

Players keep suggesting lots of features for the game. Sometimes, they’ll write huge walls of text with the description of their dream game. For the next version, we have implemented some of the new features that players have been suggesting for a long time:

Now there is more incentive to research monsters. From now on, you can’t see the HP of unresearched alien animals, and the landing party deals more damage to the researched ones (because the soldiers know what weak points to shoot at).


A new module can be installed on the ship: a drone hangar. The player can launch drones into star systems, and they’ll carry out the Astronomy research by themselves, collecting data about celestial bodies. That way, you can leave a drone in a system and go about your business, and collect the data when you get back in a couple of months.

drones2 drones

When the ship gets damaged, there is now a chance of losing some crew members. You should be more careful with space battles now, since they can affect your final score and the evaluation of your effectiveness as captain on Earth.

We are still looking for interesting suggestions from the players. You can give us your ideas about gameplay features in our facebook group

Let’s make the game better together!


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