Version 0.4.3

What’s new:

  1. Astro drones hangar module. Astro drones can be left in star system to perform astronomy research
  2. Animals respawn on planets
  3. HP is now shown only for animals for which the outopsy research was made
  4. Chance of loosing a crewmember when ship is taking damage
  5. Switched to LWJGL 2.9.3, should fix resolution issues on retina displays
  6. New private messages on Earth
  7. Save game location moved to Users\<username>\AuroraRL, fixes the problem with saving game when it is installed into Program Files directory

Windows installer:

Zip for all platforms:


1 thought on “Version 0.4.3

  1. Looks great – good concept, good mechanics. But please, fix your English – the grammar mistakes in the opening are horrendous and there is a mountain of typos and misspelling throughout the game.

    Looking forward to more content and bugfixes.


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