Leveling up humanity

In the upcoming version 0.5.0 there is a big new feature waiting for the players: the humanity leveling system. That’s right, just upgrading the ship is too small a task for real captains, so from now on you’ll be able to control the development of the entire human race directly!hum_upgrades_eng

The way it’ll be implemented will be through an additional leveling up screen available upon returning to Earth. Research points that the player receives for bringing useful stuff from space will stack now, and you will be able to invest them in developing one of the three branches:

  1. Shipbuilding
  2. Extraterrestrial activity
  3. Human development

In every branch there is a set of upgrades that will become available as you invest points in it.

The first branch governs new technologies and modules appearing at shipyards on Earth, allowing the player to upgrade his ship and human NPCs to upgrade theirs.hum_upgrades_2_eng

The second is about diplomacy, trade, colony development, and space exploration. For example, there will be upgrades that increase humans’ reputation with the aliens, and that allow placing space stations in other systems, allowing the player to repair his ship and restock at them.

The third one governs the situation on Earth and improving humanity as a species. New medical technology will make crew members tougher, and new science centers will find more use for the data the player brings.

Every upgrade will be reflected in the game world in the form of new stations and ships, letters, news stories, and dialogue, to make the player able to see his contribution to progress with his own eyes.


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