Version 0.5.2

Version 0.5.2 has been released in Steam. This update contains bug fixes and balance improvements based on Steam players reports. Thanks for those who posted bug descriptions and suggestions!

What’s new:

  • Increased chance of Earth-like planet generation, should increase chances of establishing a colony
  • Reduced geodata research points, should not be that easy to achieve Tech Singularity achievement now
  • Acid rains will no longer spawn instantly. Instead they will spawn on a small area and increase in size each turn. So landing party will never be suddenly trapped in the middle of deadly rain that came out of nowhere.
  • Added ‘skip turn’ button to the planetary mission gui.
  • Added hotkeys for inventory and map
  • Landing party weapons are no longer visible in inventory and should be selected only on landing party page. Fixed problem with weapon list being empty.
  • Fixed bug with last line of dialogs and trade lists not showing.
  • Fixed possible crash after escaping star system in FTL quest.
  • Fixed scientists being duplicated in Quarantine quest.
  • Multiple fixes of typos and minor problems.

3 thoughts on “Version 0.5.2

  1. Hi, any chance you could make your game for sale somewhere else than Steam (DRM Free)? Directly from yourself or maybe



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