Work Continues

We continue working on our game.

Some people ask if there is some kind of development roadmap and when a new release will be available. The problem is that there is no roadmap and we do not have any estimates.

Game development is a hobby for out team and we do it in our free time. It is impossible to predict how much of this time will be available in future and when a new version will be completed. So, just “when its done (c)”.

Currently we are working on adding more items and upgrades to the game. Some new ideas are created by players, and sometimes even bugs can help in making some cool stuff! E.g. a recent bug caused player landing party to start shooting with acid, like the klisk mutant in the Heritage quest did. That looked cool and we decided to make a regular landing party weapon that uses acid effects.

Next version will also contain some new side quests and Steam trading cards. Stay connected!



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