Story continues: 3 main storylines for the next 0.6.0 versions

We started working on new quest lines and decided to share some of our plans.


As you may remember, the situation by the end of the previous story part was quite complicated: though Zorsan fleet was routed, the war was far from end. Also, a new problem accured. The Obliterator – giant alien mechanism, an artifact of a long gone civilization, that is capable of destroying stars chose our Sun as his target.

All of these problems are ahead of us in the second part of the game, and we will face them five years later since the last mission.

WAR: Everything is more complicated than it looks like. No one will allow you to go to war just like that – the game will start at the giant convention, where all of the rules and regulations will be decided. You know what happens to those who breaks the rules? As one of the main figures in this you will face very difficult task, and while resolving it you will use diplomacy as well as military force.

We are planning to make a dynamic campaign. There will be battles across the galaxy between Zorsan and Humans and your action will have an impact on an overall outcome of the war. Wich may result in a win(that will bring alot of bonuses and get you closer to the ending) or a lose(and that basiclly means gameover).

COLONIAL CRISIS. Earh is using it’s space colony as effective as it can be used, and brings all of the resources to earth. But colonist are not happy about that situation. You will be tasked to find a suitible resolution for everyone and your actions will effect the outcome. Will the tension be lowered or everything will end in an independence war?


This storyline will have it’s own quests with different endings.

THE OBLITERATOR. It can’t be destroyed or put off course. The only way to deal with it is to find an ancient alien race that created this machine and ask them for help. Will the Captain do it and save our Solar system, or humans will be forced to relocate to their colony? It’s hard to tell. God knows if the colonists will be glad about having lots and lots refuges.


As you can see, our plans are a little… ambitious. It’s hard to tell exactly when everything will be done, but we hope that first large update with some of the storylines and quests will be up in coming months. Stay tuned!


9 thoughts on “Story continues: 3 main storylines for the next 0.6.0 versions

    • Not really. But development is really slow now.
      We are working on a major update, but it looks like it will take years to finish with current speed. So we will probably open a beta channel in Steam siib to give access to new content while full update is not yet released.


  1. I would also like to mention how great this game is. Please finish it. I don’t mean rush it, I just mean don’t abandon it. That would break many hearts.


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