Aurora is a sci-fi roguelike video game.

A player takes control over a spaceship that was build with the cooperation of each and every Earth government. His task is to explore space, establish relationships with alien races and bring back home any valuable objects. Anything, including artifacts of forgotten civilizations and secret cookie recipes, can help Earth overcome its political and energy crisis. The human governments will estimate your efforts: they won’t let you waste their time and ineffectively use the precious spaceship.


The game is a mixture of a roguelike game and a sandbox with a global plot. The player will have an opportunity to travel and fight in space, on surface of planets and even in alien structures.

The crew contains the best specialists from the planet Earth. Dozens of scientists are looking forward to researching alien artifacts, while the engineers are waiting for an opportunity to repair the spaceship and the experienced soldiers are ready to give their lives to protect the project. Each department has its own chief, who’ll have an important role in the storytelling.

engineer marine scientist enterprise
The system of scientific and engineering projects is similar to X-Com. Any artifact that you find can be researched. This might open you a way to new projects and technologies. What is important, these projects can influence not only your spaceship, but also the entire Earth! If you get the information on effective usage of solar energy, the earth scientists will try to solve the energy crisis by using this technology.

Exploration, diplomacy, battles and cold, lonely space – you’ll find it all in Aurora!


Facebook group for discussing: https://www.facebook.com/AuroraRLgame

Download: https://bitbucket.org/e_smirnov/aurora/downloads

Our page on Roguebasin: http://www.roguebasin.com/index.php?title=Aurora

Bugs can be reported at: https://bitbucket.org/e_smirnov/aurora/issues


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