IGF 2016

We participate in IGF-2016!

Independent Games Festival is the largetst international indie game contest. Next year more than 750 gamies will fight for the awards in one of its categories (Excellence in Video Art, Audio, Design, Narrative and some special onese), which grants their developers tickets to the GDC 2016 and a chance to win the contests’ Grand Prize.

Finalists are selected by referees, which are selected professionals from game industry. Results will be announced in January 2016.

Our project page on IGF website: http://www.igf.com/php-bin/entry2016.php?id=9451


Leveling up humanity

In the upcoming version 0.5.0 there is a big new feature waiting for the players: the humanity leveling system. That’s right, just upgrading the ship is too small a task for real captains, so from now on you’ll be able to control the development of the entire human race directly!hum_upgrades_eng

The way it’ll be implemented will be through an additional leveling up screen available upon returning to Earth. Research points that the player receives for bringing useful stuff from space will stack now, and you will be able to invest them in developing one of the three branches:

  1. Shipbuilding
  2. Extraterrestrial activity
  3. Human development

In every branch there is a set of upgrades that will become available as you invest points in it. Continue reading


There are many new exciting features awaiting in the upcoming 0.5.0 version and one of them is support for game modding.

A game modification is a set of files (jars and resources) that should be extracted into the mods directory. Such modifications will be able to:

  • Add new game content like new items, quests and entire star systems.
  • Modify existing content by overriding resources
  • Modify game GUI

The 0.5.0 will contain a simple mod that adds a chance to meet debris of an alien spaceship in random star system and to collect something useful from it. As we develop the modding system we will publish documentation in the wiki (already started publishing in Russian, but will need some time to translate into English)

We hope that our game will provide a way for players to implement their favourite scifi ideas and plots using all our tools and game mechanics.

Version 0.4.3

What’s new:

  1. Astro drones hangar module. Astro drones can be left in star system to perform astronomy research
  2. Animals respawn on planets
  3. HP is now shown only for animals for which the outopsy research was made
  4. Chance of loosing a crewmember when ship is taking damage
  5. Switched to LWJGL 2.9.3, should fix resolution issues on retina displays
  6. New private messages on Earth
  7. Save game location moved to Users\<username>\AuroraRL, fixes the problem with saving game when it is installed into Program Files directory

Windows installer: https://bitbucket.org/e_smirnov/aurora/downloads/AuroraRL_windows_0_4_3.exe

Zip for all platforms: https://bitbucket.org/e_smirnov/aurora/downloads/Aurora-0.4.3.zip

How players turns into commiters

Today, you will hear a dev-log not from the developing team, but from one of the players, that have helped us with the code.

Some time ago, I had nothing to do at the evening and had spent it watching videos on Blacksilverufa’s (Russian let’s-player) Youtube-channel. And I had stambled upon the Let’s Play of AuroraRL. The game got me interested, and after some researching, I’ve found out that the project is opensource, and I can participate in it. So, I’ve downloaded the sources, opened bugtracker and that’s how it’s all started. I’m not a professional programmer – it’s a hobby for me. And opensource project is a great way to practice.


Egor(our lead programmer) pitches me some work from time to time, and gives me advices how to do it the right way.

Continue reading

Development Report

Players keep suggesting lots of features for the game. Sometimes, they’ll write huge walls of text with the description of their dream game. For the next version, we have implemented some of the new features that players have been suggesting for a long time:

Now there is more incentive to research monsters. From now on, you can’t see the HP of unresearched alien animals, and the landing party deals more damage to the researched ones (because the soldiers know what weak points to shoot at).

animal_hp Continue reading