AuroraRL on Steam!

It is finally done: our game is available on Steam.

We did a lot of work to achieve this and even more is awaiting in future. Buy our game to support further development!

This version is 0.5.1. What’s new:

  • “Sentient stones” quest
  • Multiple bugs fixed
  • Steam achievements

As we started selling our game we will no longer publish new releases on bitbucket. However game will remain open-source, so you may download the sources and build it on your own if you know how to do that. Though it will require a bit of java expertise as the game now will not run without a steam.

In the next versions we will fix problems and make improvements based on feedback from Steam customers. And then we will finally start working on the continuation of a main story line, there are many ideas we want to put there. Stay connected!


Some conclusions about Greenlight

So, we’re past Greenlight, so we can draw some conclusions, and maybe they’ll help those who are just planning to apply for it. Generally, most of it already exists on the internet in some form, but we’ve decided to sum up our own experience.



It’s been said a lot in other articles, but many people still don’t get it. It’s pointless to try to greenlight an unknown project without your own player audience. Greenlight itself does bring some traffic, even when your project disappears from the list of new games. In fact, it exceeded our expectations, but it still wasn’t enough to get into Steam. So first, create some topics everywhere you can (forums, gamedev communities) and make some pages in social networks. It makes sense to go to Greenlight when you’ve got at least one or two thousand subscribers (our group had 1500). It’ll give you a good start, and according to some developers, what matter in Greenlight isn’t the amount of votes you get but how quickly you get them. That means you have to attract as many players as you can in the first couple days of the campaign. Continue reading

Steam Achievements

Player achievements is now a must have feature for all modern games. But creating them can be a challenging tasks, especially if you want to avoid plain dull “kill another 1000 monsters”-achievements.


So if you have any great ideas about what achievements can be used in our game – feel free to post them in comments, or in our facebook group