Story continues: 3 main storylines for the next 0.6.0 versions

We started working on new quest lines and decided to share some of our plans.


As you may remember, the situation by the end of the previous story part was quite complicated: though Zorsan fleet was routed, the war was far from end. Also, a new problem accured. The Obliterator – giant alien mechanism, an artifact of a long gone civilization, that is capable of destroying stars chose our Sun as his target.

All of these problems are ahead of us in the second part of the game, and we will face them five years later since the last mission. Continue reading



The Universe is endless and populated by a plethora of diverse creatures. The player will have to come in contact with many of them. Most of the time, they will belong to one of the developed deep space species, which are listed below.

The average Bork is very strong and very dumb. This isn’t an insult, this is a statement of fact: due to several reasons most Borks are born with very limited mental capacity, but some of them get lucky. They are the ones who make the society work. Despite the stereotypes, a regular Bork with a ship isn’t very dangerous since he doesn’t really know how to lead. Now, a mob of them… that’s trouble.

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A Little About The Story

Unlike the previous version of the game available in english (the 0.1 branch, which is currently quite old and outdated) where the story didn’t exist beyond some missions and the connection between them was fleeting, the new version has a new storyline told in a linear fashion. A lot is left over from the last version, but there are lots of new content as well.


Earth is on the brink of a major energy crisis. The player is the captain of Aurora 2, a
research ship whose mission is to find a planet suitable for colonization and to try to start
diplomatic relationships with alien races. Like in the last version of the game, there is the lost ship Aurora (also known as Aurora 1), but looking for it isn’t the first order of business: the responsibility for an entire planet lies on the player’s shoulders!

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