Story continues: 3 main storylines for the next 0.6.0 versions

We started working on new quest lines and decided to share some of our plans.


As you may remember, the situation by the end of the previous story part was quite complicated: though Zorsan fleet was routed, the war was far from end. Also, a new problem accured. The Obliterator – giant alien mechanism, an artifact of a long gone civilization, that is capable of destroying stars chose our Sun as his target.

All of these problems are ahead of us in the second part of the game, and we will face them five years later since the last mission. Continue reading


Version 0.5.5

It’s been a long  time since last update, as there is little free time left for game development for our team. Still we finally did this 0.5.5 update which is now available on Steam.


What’s new:

  • New officers portraits with emotions. Gordon will no longer have a calm poker-face when reporting about a black hole that tears ship apart.
  • Updated Steam API version. Hopefully will fix some issues with game startup.
  • Fixed bug with asteroid belt event repeating endlessly
  • Star systems with astro probes are now marked on starmap

We are currently working with a plot continuation, so soon we will uncover some details what players will meet in the second third of our story. Keep connected!

Version 0.5.4

Previous release added some critical bugs so we had to release this unexpected patch version today.

  • Fixed crash when shooting on planets
  • Fixed crash when completing dialog line for any of the ship officers
  • Fixed a rare crash on planet landing after loading a game

Thanks to those who reported these problems and provided saved games and logs, thus allowing us to make a quick fix!

Version 0.5.3

A new version has been released on Steam. What’s new:

  • 2 new side quests: “Asteroids” and “Ambush”
  • New crew dialogs
  • New crew weapons and humanity upgrades
  • Controls improvements: WASD is now available by default, ESC closes now all in-game menus, dialog replies can be selected using keyboard
  • Fixed bugs with endlessly falling meteors, with super medpacks craft and some others

Purchase our game on Steam to support development:

Work Continues

We continue working on our game.

Some people ask if there is some kind of development roadmap and when a new release will be available. The problem is that there is no roadmap and we do not have any estimates.

Game development is a hobby for out team and we do it in our free time. It is impossible to predict how much of this time will be available in future and when a new version will be completed. So, just “when its done (c)”.

Currently we are working on adding more items and upgrades to the game. Some new ideas are created by players, and sometimes even bugs can help in making some cool stuff! E.g. a recent bug caused player landing party to start shooting with acid, like the klisk mutant in the Heritage quest did. That looked cool and we decided to make a regular landing party weapon that uses acid effects.

Next version will also contain some new side quests and Steam trading cards. Stay connected!


Version 0.5.2

Version 0.5.2 has been released in Steam. This update contains bug fixes and balance improvements based on Steam players reports. Thanks for those who posted bug descriptions and suggestions!

What’s new:

  • Increased chance of Earth-like planet generation, should increase chances of establishing a colony
  • Reduced geodata research points, should not be that easy to achieve Tech Singularity achievement now
  • Acid rains will no longer spawn instantly. Instead they will spawn on a small area and increase in size each turn. So landing party will never be suddenly trapped in the middle of deadly rain that came out of nowhere.
  • Added ‘skip turn’ button to the planetary mission gui.
  • Added hotkeys for inventory and map
  • Landing party weapons are no longer visible in inventory and should be selected only on landing party page. Fixed problem with weapon list being empty.
  • Fixed bug with last line of dialogs and trade lists not showing.
  • Fixed possible crash after escaping star system in FTL quest.
  • Fixed scientists being duplicated in Quarantine quest.
  • Multiple fixes of typos and minor problems.

AuroraRL on Steam!

It is finally done: our game is available on Steam.

We did a lot of work to achieve this and even more is awaiting in future. Buy our game to support further development!

This version is 0.5.1. What’s new:

  • “Sentient stones” quest
  • Multiple bugs fixed
  • Steam achievements

As we started selling our game we will no longer publish new releases on bitbucket. However game will remain open-source, so you may download the sources and build it on your own if you know how to do that. Though it will require a bit of java expertise as the game now will not run without a steam.

In the next versions we will fix problems and make improvements based on feedback from Steam customers. And then we will finally start working on the continuation of a main story line, there are many ideas we want to put there. Stay connected!